Week 3 Faq

  • Is it normal to have cramps when I am 3 weeks pregnant?
    Mild abdominal cramping is a sign of implantation and it is normal in early weeks of pregnancy. At this stage, it has been three weeks since the first day of your last menstrual period.

  • What pregnancy symptoms will I have at three weeks?

    At 3 weeks, you may feel prickling and tingling sensation in your nipples. You may notice swelling in your breasts. There can be a slight increase in your vaginal discharge. You may experience other signs such as dizziness and drowsiness.
  • Can you get a positive pregnancy test at 3 weeks?
    No, you likely would not get a positive result if you tested at three-week mark. This is because hormone hCG is released into the body after 11 days of conception. And by 11th day of conception, you are closer to the fourth week of pregnancy.