Week 3 Development

So, now you are 3 weeks pregnant? Congratulations, you are now officially pregnant. What does it mean to be 3 weeks pregnant? Well, it means that one of your eggs and one of your partner’s sperm have combined. With the result, you are in the earliest of stages of pregnancy.

This is the crucial week that transforms your pregnancy from the stage of “planning” into real existence. When we speak in terms of theory, ovulation occurs on or between 12th-14th day. Actually, the third week is the most favorable time for conception if fertilization has not occurred till the end of the second week.

3rd obstetric week of pregnancy- An extremely important period.
This is the period when egg migrates into the uterine cavity, settles down there permanently and gets attached to the wall. And then the active development of fetus starts.

Also during this period, a division of the fertilized egg takes place and as a result, an expectant mother can become pregnant with twins or triplets (sometimes). No doubt, multiple pregnancy can give your family double or triple happiness but it may cause some complications as well and hence, requires proper medical care.

Signs and symptoms when you are 3 weeks pregnant-
At this stage, generally, there are no strongly marked changes in the body. But some of you may experience the symptoms like-

  • slight discharge that is usually not dangerous for mother and fetus
  • swelling of the breasts
  • a nagging pain in the abdomen
  • dizziness
  • drowsiness

No doubt, the gestational age is very small and just a few days, but some of the expectant mothers can feel a new life inside. Maybe, such feelings occur due to an expectation of pregnancy especially if it is planned and long expected. While many of the expectant mothers do not feel any change happening inside their body.

What is happening inside of you?

The 3rd week of pregnancy is actually the first week of life of your fetus. Fertilization is considered to be the most significant event of this week. Yes, after the ovulation the egg has only 24 hours to meet with sperm in the fallopian tube and if this does not happen in time, then the egg will lose its ability to fertilize.

Now, the question is what happens after fertilization?

  • The zygote remains in the cavity of the fallopian tube, in the early days of this week.
  • It continues its ongoing movement towards the uterus.
  • It is now fed with the proteins that are released by the glands of the fallopian tubes as well as with its own energy reserves for the fetus.
  • Once, it enters into the uterine cavity, it gets attached to its inner shell. The embryo then begins to plunge into the uterine wall, into the endometrium layer. This process is actually called implantation.
  • The embryo is firmly anchored in a favorable and nutrient-rich environment in the endometrium layer, by the end of this week if everything goes well. And now from this moment, multilateral relations between the mother and the fetus set.

3 weeks pregnant ultrasound
Well, at this stage, it is possible to determine the uterine pregnancy. Your doctor may recommend for early ultrasounds to know the facts of your pregnancy. He may also identify the symptoms that can cause complications in your pregnancy during this procedure.

How fetus appears during the third week of pregnancy?
During the third week of an obstetric pregnancy, your future kid is just a group of cells. It carries all the important genetic information. The process of formation and development of the fetus is already underway.

So, how your fetus appears when you are 3 weeks pregnant?

  • The size of your fetus will resemble a hollow ball with a diameter of 0.1-0.2 mm
  • The cell number will increase to 250.
  • The embryo is placed in a tiny water pouch that is filled with the amniotic fluid.
  • It receives nutrients from the yolk-sac and not from the mother’s body.
  • The process of hematopoiesis goes on.

As it is a critical moment, it is better to guard yourself against all the negative factors such as stress, fatigue, and strenuous exercise etc. So, take care of yourself.