Week 2 Faq

  • What is a Vaginal Spotting?
    Some woman experiences brown or pink colored stain when urinate. This can even occur during a normal period. There is no clear evidence why this happen, but some experts relate it with some hormones or implantation of the embryo in the uterus.
  • Will I feel hungry at the second week of pregnancy?
    Some woman might be sensitive to smell and experience a metallic taste in mouth change. Yes, they might feel hungry and usually, it is confused with the hormone or mood changes during a menstrual cycle. In contrast, some pregnant women might experience a loss of appetite due to morning sickness or start disliking a specific flavor or taste including tea, coffee, alcohol, and even spicy food.
  • Is there any change in my energy levels?
    Yes, some women feel tired as their body prepares to support the developing baby. Also, they might experience morning sickness and fatigue you might experience at this stage.
  • Is it possible to take a Pregnancy Test?
    Only best way to confirm your pregnancy is to watch an eye on any missed menstrual period and check if you miss them. Various pregnancy tests might show hormones just four days early to start a period or 7 days later after conceiving. The accuracy of your pregnancy test results can be increased if it is performed just before your next period.