Week 1 What To do

Precautions to follow-
We all know, taking precautions for anything in life can help us avoid any complications. So, same is the case with pregnancy. It is the stage in which you have to take extra care of not only yourself but your baby as well. Here are some precautions-

What to do?

  • Follow healthy diet
    Eat healthy and balanced diet to fulfill all the nutrient requirements of your body. Remember, a healthy pregnancy requires no more than 500 additional daily calories.
  • Do regular exercise
    Doing regular exercise at home, park or gym will help you stay fit during this time. Yoga and water aerobics are better options.
  • Do proper rest
    Proper rest is a must. Going to bed early at night and taking naps during the day will help calm your mind and body.
  • Stay positive
    Staying positive all the time will help you to keep your mind away from negativities. So stay positive.
  • Drink enough water
    Drinking plenty of water will help to reduce the fatigue, constipation, and edema. So, better you drink enough water.

What not to do?

  • Say no to junk food
    Junk food is never a healthy food. Since it is such an important stage of your life, better stay away from the junk as much as possible.
  • Say no to smoking and drinking
    Smoking and drinking alcohol can affect the mental and physical development of your baby. So quit smoking and drinking right now.
  • Cut down caffeine
    Consumption of enough caffeine can cause premature birth of your baby. So better avoid caffeine.
  • Avoid sea foods
    Seafoods contain a high level of mercury which can, in turn, cause some complications. So better, avoid sea foods.
  • Avoid hot bath and saunas
    Taking hot bath and saunas can affect the normal development of your baby. So avoid hot baths and saunas.