Week 1 Faq

  • When to go for a Pregnancy Test?
    You can go for a Pregnancy Test any time to clarify your doubts. A Home pregnancy test is an easy and accurate way to confirm your pregnancy by getting the timing right.
  • Can I perform a pregnancy test before a missed cycle?
    Yes. But you are not likely to get a reading you trust. A home pregnancy tests generally measure the amount of the pregnancy hormone hCG in your urine. At least 50 units of hCG are needed to test it positive. The level of hCG hormone may be different for every pregnant woman before a missed period.
    In some woman, it may take more time to have 50 units of hCG after a missed period to confirm pregnancy.
  • How can I get an accurate result earlier than my missed period?
    Try to take a urine sample for the test early in the morning when your urine hCG concentration is high. Always closely follow the instructions on packaging and never perform a test if it has expired.
  • Can I check a pregnancy test later in a cycle?
    Yes, you can expect an accurate result, but you should consult your doctor once you test positive for pregnancy. You need to get a proper prenatal care and counseling for a healthy pregnancy.