Unique Needs for an Ob-Gyn Software for Antenatal care

August 18, 2017

Unique Needs for an Ob-Gyn Software for Antenatal care

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Obstetrics and Gynecology practice is one of the major clinical specialty services in the global healthcare system. Without a sufficient clinical staff, it would be a big challenge for many healthcare organizations or clinics to manage their clinical, financial and administrative functions efficiently without any error. In this situation, only technologically advanced and convenient Ob-Gyn practice management software such as ‘Medzsoft’ can do wonders to boost up the overall efficiency of obstetrics and gynecology practices.

What is Medzsoft?
‘Medzsoft’ is an advanced cloud based Ob-Gyn Software for Antenatal care that is specially created and developed to make Ob-Gyn practices more convenient, smoother and efficient by offering many promising features including specific medications and procedural templates, initial evaluation forms, ACOG forms, Ob-Gyn specific reports and much more.

Various unique Features of ‘Medzsoft’ are summarized below:

Customized clinical workflow
It helps to automate the end-to-end customized Ob-Gyn clinical workflow to ensure better quality health care to patients. Also, this advanced practice management software comes with a premium access to Cloud platform that allows users to have its easy access anywhere-any time by using any web enabled device including Android or I-Phone. Moreover, this out of the box Ob-Gyn software can help to improve the overall efficiency of hospital management, especially in Antenatal clinics and hospitals by providing a quality antenatal care to the patients.

Efficient Handling of Chief Complaints
Medzsoft- patient care portal helps to ease the potential work load of hospital staff and allows the entire practice to run more smoothly and efficiently. Medzsoft provides an extensive set of Obstetrics and Gynecology specific templates and other patient information related to chief complaints including details of patient’s history and present illness. Patients can easily fill their form before they show up in the clinic or hospital for appointments. This advanced EHR software helps users to view their electronic medical record in more accurate and a better way

Customized Medication Templates for Convenient and Error-free Prescription
Medzsoft owns an extensive database of pre-configured Ob-Gyn specific condition related medication templates along with the latest drug information which help doctors for prescriptions. They can easily prescribe frequency and dosage of a specific medication without any error in just a click. Moreover, doctors can also create their customized templates for medications they frequently prescribe to the patients.

Easy Documentation of Procedures with Procedural Templates
Medzsoft also comprises of pre-loaded customized procedural templates that allow quick and convenient documentation of various common gynaecological procedures. Therefore, it ensures smooth end-to-end Ob-Gyn Clinical and Workflow Solution for increased efficiency and enhanced accuracy in patient care.

Initial Evaluation Form
This Ob-Gyn EHR also provides initial evaluation form that helps healthcare specialists to record any initial evaluation of a patient.

Rapid Access to Medical Reports
All frequently used reports are added to “My Favorites” section of this EHR software system which can be readily accessed whenever required. Moreover, as per the requirement of doctor’s practice, these reports can be customized using any parameter.

ACOG Form & Other Relative Structures
This exceptional Ob-Gyn Software for Antenatal care also provides ACOG forms that can be best utilized by a physician to document relative details of patients such as past contraception and delivery detail, birth detail and much more just with few clicks. Therefore, ‘Medzsoft’ allows healthcare practitioners to save their precious time, money and headaches thereby allowing them to spare more time for their patients with the best possible care.

Knowledge Center to Spread Awareness
As a leading and responsible healthcare solution provider, it is our duty to spread awareness among people of our society. Medzsoft EHR software provides various knowledge based and informative Healthcare animated Videos and Info-graphics that definitely help to spread awareness amongst women for safer Motherhood.

In today’s competitive world, in almost every business fraternity including health-care, nobody would like to compromise with their quality and efficient practices for a better future growth. Also, installing an efficient and convenient EHR Software is the primary demand of time.

So, don’t wait!
Give your Ob-Gyn practice a competitive edge over others with world-class HER Ob-Gyn Software for Antenatal care- Medzsoft!
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