How Digitalization of Pregnancy Health Card in Gynecological Practices can Improve Patient Care?

October 5, 2017

How Digitalization of Pregnancy Health Card in Gynecological Practices can Improve Patient Care?

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Due to the continuous rise in the medical costs, it is quite difficult for many clinical or hospital healthcare practices to store and manage health record of a substantial number of patients.

That’s why a dire need for an efficient ‘patient health card’ has raised which can help healthcare practitioners to store, access, and download medical records of a specific patient anywhere during the clock hours.

With an aim of digitizing healthcare, ‘Medasoft’ has developed an exclusive ‘Pregnancy health card’ for Obstetrics and Gynecology health practices by utilizing a patented health record management system and collaborated with eHealth Card System in India.

Medzsoft’s Pregnancy health card

Two major benefits provided by Medzsoft’s Pregnancy health card in the Gynecological Practices are summarized below:

  • It allows doctors and patients conveniently access medical records during normal or emergency condition.
  • It helps doctors or gynecologists to perform more quickly and efficiently while delivering accurate diagnosis and treatment.

MedzSoft’s Pregnancy health card and Mother-Child Protection Card are specially created for the best quality care of pregnant women and newborn child.

Various unique features of offered by ‘Pregnancy health card’ are;

Medzsoft’s Pregnancy health card

Easily access all health data anywhere

It uses a cloud-based platform, where you can upload, store, edit and access all health information of a huge number of patients. All health information such as patient health history, current medical data, prescriptions, medications, lab reports, insurance details, etc can be easily accessed on any mobile device or PC within few seconds.

Allows doctors in taking timely and accurate decision

This user-friendly, electronic ‘Pregnancy health card’ stores all medical and lab information of patients which help doctors in taking faster and better decision.

Convenient to carry and share

One of its kinds, Medzsoft – Pregnancy health card is a portable, convenient, and cost-effective way to carry and share your medical health records to the healthcare practitioners.

Go-green with a digital mindset

This environment-friendly electronic health record system helps in reducing paper waste and in-turn improving environmental footprint and thereby promoting a go-green and digital mindset.

You and your patients will be definitely benefitted with this new age ‘Pregnancy health card’.

If you really concern to your patients then join hands with ‘MedzSoft’ to take this digital healthcare mission, a new height of success.

For more information contact us or call us for a demo presentation at your office.

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