Is Your Weight Affecting Fertility?


Is Your Weight Affecting Fertility?

Maintaining an ideal weight is very important for our overall health and well-being. Experts say that there is a direct effect of weight on fertility as well as the outcome of sterility treatments and pregnancy. It is assumed that negative effect of weight on fertility is related to being overweight. This increases insulin levels that cause the ovaries to produce male hormones and stop releasing eggs, which results in ovulatory dysfunction. A study suggests that obese men are more likely to have lower sperm counts or may produce no sperms at all than the men with normal weight. A lot of clinics for infertility treatment in Chandigarh help you in reducing weight.

Here are some tips to make you aware about your food habits. When you allow yourself to slow down, you begin to realize what your body really needs.

It Is Best To Eat Without Distraction

Yes, that means turning off the television, putting down your phone, book or magazine. Completely focus on the food when you eat. Your meal time should be relaxing and calm. The study suggests that people, who watch TV while eating, tend to eat more.

Take Time To Chew Each Bite

Learn to savor your food instead of stuffing it into your mouth. Try to chew each bite of food at least 7 to 8 times. This will take longer to eat but you will actually be satisfied for a longer time. Chewing also promotes growth and repair of the body and is beneficial in weight loss.

Eat Only When You Are Hungry

Many of us do not know what our body is telling us. Letting your hunger be a guide is an effective weight loss strategy. Eating when you are not hungry or for emotional reasons such as anger, sadness or boredom can be a major contributor to weight gain. The key is to take few minutes and listen to your body.

Stop For Few Minutes

If you find yourself heading to the fridge for a snack or a mini-meal when you have nothing else to do, take stock of how you are feeling at that moment. Are you bored? Stressed? Unless you are actually hungry, there is no reason to eat. Put a reminder on the fridge to stop and take few breaths before you indulge.

Limit High Fat Foods

Reduce the intake of high-calorie foods as they are the main reasons of weight gain; instead, opt for fresh fruits and veggies. It is also a good idea to thank the person who cooked your meal. She or he will be happier to cook again for you when you express gratitude. Home cooked food is best and helps in weight reduction.

Dealing with sterility is difficult enough and over that the pressure of trying to lose weight can be overwhelming. Reach out to infertility treatment centers for support. Take small steps every day towards your goal. Celebrate your wins and if you miss out, don’t give up. Start again the next day.